Bill Connet, "Until That Time"
(Great Plains Records)

“Until That Time” is Bill Connet’s debut CD. While this not an uncommon statement for most artists, it happens to be a milestone for Bill. For the better part of thirty years, Bill had been waiting for the right time to put together an album.

It seemed that the right time would never come. That is until Bill recognized that his fiftieth birthday would be the perfect opportunity to realize his dream. He pulled together local musicians, and members of the band he played with in college, for a gala concert and album release party. The standing ovations from over 300 guest in the Grand Ballroom of a Des Moines landmark hotel have re-launched Bill’s music career.

Bill’s songs are a well-crafted and melodic look at life that we all can relate to. His smooth vocals combined with rich acoustic sounds is sure to please.

If you would like information about where Bill is playing, you can be added to Bill's Email List. Bill sends out updates regularly. Just drop him an email and put in the subject line: "Add me to the list."

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"Until That Time" Track List
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1. Until That Time (3:52)
2. Night of Shooting Stars (3:27)
3. Grandfather¹s Gifts (7:07)
4. North Country Girl (3:37)
5. Long Time Love (5:28)
6. Hard Times Come Again No More (4:19)
7. Deeper Ocean (4:17)
8. Words to the Song (3:08)
9. A Monk Named Dennis (4:18)
10. The Water is Wide (4:09)


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