"North Country Girl"

North Country Girl, daughter of the lake and the midsummer moon,
North country girl, companion of the northern lights and lover of the loon,
North country girl.

She left the lake country when she was 17,
Expecting that metropolis would answer all her dreams.
Thirty winters come and gone, in a land-locked town,
Palaces of pine and fir call her outward bound.
North Country Girl…

So she takes her sons canoeing in the realm of northern lights.
They laugh and they protect her when a hoard of bats takes flight.
Embers of the campfire put their minds at ease,
Her natural sanctuary on the trail of inland seas.
North Country Girl…


© 2000 Bill Connet. All rights reserved.

Bill Connet: lead vocal, harmony vocals, guitar
Scot Sutherland: upright bass
Bobby Brown: drums
Joe Koelling: lead guitar


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