"Long Time Love"

Long Time Love, different from new love,
Long time love, makes less commotion than new love,
Long time love knows me, knows you, flows through me,
To you and back again, and again, and again.

Long time love keeps you up late listening,
Long time love helps you sleep nights, dreaming,
Long time love senses words unspoken, hearts broken
By the pain we can’t ignore and the world outside our door.

New love absorbs every moment,
Takes you for a crazy roll,
Long time love works deep inside you,
And is absorbed into your soul.

Long time love quenches the deepest thirst,
Long time love, better than chocolate, most times, that’s true.
Good news for me is I have long time love with you.


© 2000 Bill Connet. All rights reserved.

Bill Connet: vocal, guitar
Scot Sutherland: upright bass
Wayne Lipton: cello
Stanley Dahl: percussion


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