Bill Connet
Educational and spiritual workshops offered by Bill;
because music feeds the soul.

Bill Connet has lectured in high schools, colleges, medical schools, health care forums, conferences, and adult enrichment programs. A graduate of Harvard College, Bill has a Masters of Divinity from Harvard Divinity School.

Music in Healing
With funding from the Iowa Arts Council and input from a team of experts, he has created the "Music in Healing" program consisting of concerts and workshops for churches, nursing homes, and a special music outreach to Alzheimers' patients in support of healing the mind, body and spirit. To learn more about Music in Healing click here. To see a partial listing of the Music in Healing programs Bill has conducted click here.

Bill is available for single and multi-session retreats, keynote addresses, staff retreats, and continuing education. Contact Bill at



Church groups: including prayer groups, senior groups, pastoral visitation teams, and music for healing services.

Healthcare Providers and Caregivers: including staff of hospitals, home care agencies, hospice, nursing homes, pastoral counselors, and medical students.

Seniors: including residents of assisted living and nursing facilities, Alzheimer's and other dementia patients in secure facilities and day care programs, community and church lunch groups, support groups for seniors with chronic illness, and families of patients with Alzheimer's and in hospice care.

Children: elementary and middle school students (sing-along and songwriting) and children with chronic illness, and their families.


Music, Healing and Spirituality: Why has music been such an integral part of worship and spirituality in every human culture? How does music strengthen and deepen our prayer life? This workshop is an experience of stories, music, listening and participation in the music of faith. The Psalms were the hymnbook of the people of Israel. How can they continue to be our song? How does chant, singing, and listening to music affect our bodies, minds, and spirit? Music is part of the oldest healing traditions. It can be very helpful in deepening our spirituality.

Music and Healing for Healthcare Professionals and Caregivers: How does music affect our patients? Can music be a part of our care giving? Can music also heal the healer? Healthcare professionals and caregivers learn how music affects our bodies and minds with an overview of recent studies on the neurophysiology of music, and examples of how music can give comfort to those afflicted with chronic illness, including cancer, Alzheimer's disease, and dementia. Music can help to heal the healers, providing new hope and strength. Caregivers need to be renewed and healed as they work under high stress.

Music and Healing: Why is music such an important part of every human culture? Why does music bring back such strong memories? How can music be a part of healing our bodies, minds, and spirits? This workshop explores music as a deep part of our minds, memory, body, and spirit. Through stories, songs, listening, and participation, we will learn and experience the power of music to help us heal. This workshop is especially helpful for those suffering from chronic illness, and their loved ones.

Singing My Song: Songwriting for Children: How are songs put together? How can I put my words into a song? This interactive, fun workshop teaches children the basics of songwriting and gives them the tools to write songs as a group and on their own. Children come away from the workshop with several songs that they have written, helping them find new ways to express themselves.


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